d22f196b Removal

Fig. 3.160. Drawing marking on the case of the hinge and a power shaft

Mark the case of the hinge and a shaft for the subsequent assembly (fig. 3.160).

You put marking with paint; do not use the puncher.

Remove a clip.
Mark a holder and a separator.
Remove a lock ring, using pincers for removal and installation of lock rings.

Fig. 3.161. Removal of a separator

Turn a separator approximately on 30 ° and separate a separator and balls from a holder (fig. 3.161).

Fig. 3.162. Installation of a dynamic damper

Establish a dynamic damper, as shown in the figure 3.162.
Standard length: 334,7–340,7 mm.
Establish a new collar of a cover on a dynamic damper.
Fill a cover (from a wheel) with jellied lubricant.

Covers with the party of a wheel and from the transmission differ.

Do not touch jellied lubricant by hands. You apply lubricant from a tuba, do not allow hit of pollutants in a cover.
Amount of jellied lubricant: 90–110 g (L8, LF left side), 105–125 g (L8, LF right side and L3)

Establish a cover, without removing an adhesive tape which wrapped up shaft vents when dismantling.
Shoot the film.

Fig. 3.163. Installation of a separator and balls in a holder: 1 – separator; 2 – balls; 3 – groove of a lock ring; 4 – holder

Level tags and establish balls and a separator in a holder in the direction shown in the figure 3.163.

Establish a separator by a facet towards a groove of a lock ring. At the wrong installation, the power shaft can be separated during the movement.

Establish a new lock ring.
Fill the case of the hinge and a cover (from the transmission) with jellied lubricant.
Amount of jellied lubricant: 105–125 g (L8, LF left side), 120–140 g (L8, LF right side and L3).
Level tags and install the case on a shaft.
Establish a new clip.
Establish a cover.

Standard length, mm

Establish the standard length of a power shaft.
Let out the air from covers, raising edges of the smaller ends of covers the screw-driver which is wrapped up by fabric.
Make sure that length of a power shaft – within norm.