4.1.2. Adjustment of an angle of rotation of forward wheels

Adjustment of a convergence of wheels

Adjustment of an angle of rotation
Weaken a lock-nut of a steering rod end of draft.
Remove a lath cover collar.
Rotating steering draft, adjust an angle of rotation.

The course of the right and left steering draft has to be identical.

Fig. 4.2. Rotation of steering drafts

Rotating steering draft, achieve that the difference between the size L shown in the drawing was less norm (fig. 4.2) on the right and at the left.
Standard: 3 mm or are less
Tighten a lock-nut of a tip of steering draft.
Inhaling moment: 68,6–98,0 N · m.
Eliminate twisting of a cover of a lath.
Establish and fix a lath cover collar.
After adjustment of an angle of rotation, always check and regulate a convergence corner.