7.3.10. Adjustment of light of a forward fog light

Bring air pressure in tires to norm.
Install not loaded car on a horizontal surface.
Place one person on a driver's seat.
Place the car at distance of 3 m from the white screen.
At adjustment of one fog light close another.
Start the engine for recharge of the rechargeable battery.
Include a forward fog light.

Fig. 7.32. Adjustment by rotation of adjusting screws

Adjust a forward fog light rotation of adjusting screws, as shown in the figure 7.32. At first weaken screws, then tighten them.

Fig. 7.33. Scheme of adjustment of a light spot of a fog light

If at first to tighten, and then to weaken adjusting screws, then they will turn away at the movement of the car that will lead to violation of adjustment of headlights.