d22f196b Windshield screen wiper

The system of a screen wiper of a windshield consists of a motor-reducer, the lever mechanism, levers of screen wipers with brushes and the switch. The windshield screen wiper mechanism equipped with the self-stopping device consists of the worm mechanism and a plate with a cam for temporary maintenance of a chain in the included state before end of a cycle of the working course of a screen wiper at the switched-off position of the switch. Screen wipers are set in motion by the electric motor with a permanent magnet. The motor-reducer is established on a guard of the forward panel and connected to the lever mechanism of a screen wiper of a windshield. Screen wipers of a windshield have two speeds (LOW – low and HIGH – high) and a faltering operating mode. The switch of screen wipers – an integral part of the switch of screen wipers and washers. Screen wipers of a windshield are run by the lever on the right side of a steering column.