1.4.3. Evacuation of the car

Installation of a towing loop in front of the car

We recommend to attract to evacuation of the car only specialized services of technical assistance on roads which belong to official dealers of Mazda, or work independently.
In order to avoid damages of the car you carry out rise and towage of the car in strict accordance with instructions. Besides, follow all existing rules regulating evacuation of cars.
You carry out towage of the front-wheel car with the lifted forward wheels. If the damages which are available on the car or other reasons do not allow to make it, use basic carts for forward wheels.
At towage of the front-wheel car with a support on back wheels switch off the parking brake.
It is forbidden to tow the car for back wheels with a support of forward driving wheels on the road. It will lead to a transmission exit out of operation.
If you cannot cause specialized service of evacuation, tow the car with an opiraniye of all wheels on the road, using a forward towing eye. At the same time it is allowed to tow the car only on roads with an advanced covering, on short distance (to 5 km) and at a small speed (to 25 km/h).
At towage of the car with an opiraniye of all wheels on the road carry out the following instructions.
1. Include a neutral in the mechanical transmission, transfer the switch of ranges of automatic transmission to neutral situation (N).
2. Turn the ignition switch in the provision of "ASS" (auxiliary consumers of the electric power) to prevent blocking of a steering wheel.
3. Switch off the parking brake.
Remember that at the idle engine of the car the steering hydraulic booster and the vacuum brake amplifier do not function.

Fig. 1.169. Ways of evacuation of the car

Towing loops are intended for use in emergency situations (for example to pull out the got stuck car). Always you watch that the towing cable or a chain were directed parallel to a longitudinal axis of the car. It is forbidden to load a towing loop with cross efforts. It is forbidden to use back loops for towage of the car. These loops are intended ONLY for fastening of the car at its transportation. Use for towage of the car will lead them to damage of a rear bumper.