1.4. Elimination of the malfunctions which arose in way or before a start of motion

Spare wheel and set of tools
 Mobile jack
 Spare wheel
 Replacement of a faulty wheel
 Dismantle of a faulty wheel
 Installation of a spare wheel
Engine overheat
 Instructions for start of the engine at reenrichment of fuel-air mix (the petrol engine)
 Launch of the engine from the auxiliary rechargeable battery
Evacuation of the car
 Installation of a towing loop in front of the car
General information and security measures at control survey and maintenance of the car
 Check of level of engine oil
 Check of level of cooling liquid
 Check of level of working liquid in a tank of the steering hydraulic booster
 Check of level of working liquid of automatic transmission
 Check and adjustment of the parking brake
 Check of an axial side play of a steering wheel
 Replacement of an oil filter
 Replacement of engine oil
 Check of level and replacement of oil in MKPP
 Check of level of liquid of washers of glasses and headlights
 Lubricant of frictional units on a car body
 Replacement of the filtering air cleaner filter element
 Replacement of brushes of screenwash
 Service of the rechargeable battery
 Check of level of electrolyte
 Charge of the rechargeable battery
 Check of pressure of air in tires
 Periodic shift of wheels
Lamps of devices of lighting and light alarm system
 Replacement of xenon lamps
 Replacement of galogenovy lamps
 Replacement of lamps in devices of external lighting and the alarm system
 Replacement of lamps of high beam headlamps
 Replacement of lamps in headlights of passing beam
 Replacement of lamps of forward fog lights
 Lamps of lamps of stoplights / back dimensional lamps, a lamp of lamps of back indexes of turn (cars with a body "sedan")
 Lamps of lamps of stoplights / back dimensional lamps (cars with a body "hatchback")
 Lamp of a lamp of the back course / back fog lamp
 Lamp of the central top stoplight
 Lamps of lamps of illumination of a registration sign
 Replacement of a lamp in a back plafond of illumination of salon
 Replacement of safety locks
Care of a body and interior of the car
 Protection against corrosion
 Prevention of corrosion
 Sink and putting wax paste
 Removal of spots
 Polishing and putting wax paste
 Repeated putting wax paste
 Care of bumpers
 Cleaning of interior of the car
 Cleaning of an upholstery from genuine leather (the additional equipment)
 Cleaning of carpets
 Cleaning of seat belts
 Sink of glasses