d22f196b Removal and installation of the generator

When the rechargeable battery is connected, between a body of the car and a conclusion In there can be a breakdown. It can lead to a trauma, the fire or damage of electronic components of the car. Always disconnect the battery before removal of the generator.

Uncover the rechargeable battery.
Disconnect a negative wire from the rechargeable battery.
Remove the lower cover together with a mudguard.
Take off a driving belt.
Fix a broad tank of the cooling system so that it did not prevent work.
Fix a tank of the hydraulic booster of steering so that it did not prevent work.

Fig. 7.9. Dismantling components of the rechargeable battery: 1 – B conclusion cable; 2 – generator socket; 3 – generator

Remove in the order shown in the figure 7.9.
Establish as it should be, the return to removal.

Remove a bolt And with the generator as the place for its removal is not enough (see fig. 7.9).