d22f196b Installation of a spare wheel

1. Clear rags of dirt privalochny surfaces on a disk of a wheel and a nave, and also hairpins.
2. Establish a spare wheel.
3. Screw wheel nuts on hairpins (the conic party of nuts has to be turned to a wheel). Tighten nuts by hand.

Fig. 1.167. An order of delay in fastening of nuts at installation of a spare wheel

4. Rotating the cranked handle of a jack counterclockwise, lower the car. By means of a wheel key tighten nuts in specified in the drawing 1.167 sequences.
The moment of an inhaling of wheel nuts – 88–117 (9–11) Nanometers (kgf-m)
5. Lay a faulty wheel in a niche of the luggage compartment and fix a wheel by means of a clamping washer and a bolt.
6. Check air pressure in the tire.
7. As soon as possible repair the damaged wheel or replace it with new.