d22f196b System of decrease in toxicity

Appointment, design and work of each part of system of decrease in toxicity of Mazda 3 (GG) with L3, LF engines, and L8 do not differ from the corresponding knots of the MPV (LW) model with the FS engine, except for the following:
– the design of container with absorbent carbon is changed

Fig. 2.65. System of decrease in toxicity: 1 – the valve of system of recirculation of the fulfilled gases; 2 – electromagnetic valve of a purge; 3 – vaporizing backpressure valve (unidirectional) (L.H.D); 4 – valve of ventilation of a case; 5 – ventilating hose; 6 – three-component catalytic converter; 7 – container with absorbent carbon (L.H.D); 8 – container with absorbent carbon (R.H.D); 9 – camera of damping of a pulsation (R.H.D)

– the camera of damping of pulsations is used (R. H. D) (fig. 2.65).