d22f196b Check of composition of mix idling

1. Switch off consumers of the electric power and warm up the engine.

Idling (L8 engine)

Idling (the LF engine, model with the mechanical transmission)

Idling (the LF engine, model with the automatic transmission)

Idling (L3 engine)

* Excludes temporary decrease in frequency of rotation of idling right after inclusion of consumers of the electric power.
** The electric motor of the fan works at high speed. The switch of headlights is switched on. The switch of a heater of back glass is switched on. Fans of the cooling system work.

Start the engine.
Support the frequency of rotation of the engine approximately 3000 min.-1, cooling system fans will not begin to work yet.
Release a pedal of management of fuel supply.
Wait for switching off of fans of the cooling system.
Check compliance to norm of frequency of rotation of idling and installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition.
Insert the probe of the analyzer of exhaust gases into an exhaust pipe.
Check compliance to standard of concentration of CO and HC in the fulfilled gases.