2.6.3. Check of a compression

The hot engine can become the reason of serious burns.
You watch to getting burn at removal and installation of elements of the engine.

Make sure that the rechargeable battery is completely charged.
Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature.
Stop the engine and let's it cool down within about 10 min. to cool system of release.
Remove the relay of the fuel pump.
Remove the air filter assembled.
Remove ignition coils.
Remove all spark plugs.
Measure a compression as follows.

Fig. 2.251. Installation of a kompressometr in a spark plug opening

Establish компрессометр in an opening of a spark plug (fig. 2.251).
Completely open a butterfly valve.
Turning the engine a starter measure a compression.
The standard – 1470 kPa (250 min.-1);
At least – 1029 kPa (250 min.-1);
The maximum difference between cylinders – 196.1 kPa.
Execute the first three operations for all cylinders.
If the size of a compression is less than minimum value or the compression in one of cylinders differs from a compression in other cylinders on 196,1 kPa or more, execute the first three gulf a small amount of engine oil in openings of spark plugs.
If the compression rose after filling of engine oil, then wear or damage of a piston ring or surface of the cylinder is possible.
If the compression did not rise, then jamming of valves, a leaky prileganiye of valves or leak through laying of a head of the block of cylinders is possible.
In both cases nebkhody repair of the engine.
Establish spark plugs.
Install the ignition coil.
Install the air filter assembled.
Install the relay of the fuel pump.