2.7.3. Installation of an oil filter

Remove and establish all elements only on the cold engine, otherwise, it is possible to get serious burns or a severe injury.
The Poddomkrachenny, but not fixed vehicle constitutes danger.
Never work near or under the lifted vehicle if it is reliably not recorded by support.
In case of the passage of engine oil on a forward pipe of system of release, completely wipe it.
If you do not remove the spilled oil, then it will become a source of white smoke because of high temperature.

Remove the lower cover.
Remove an oil filter, using special adaptation.
Use pure rags to wipe a landing surface on the block of cylinders.
Apply pure engine oil on laying of a new oil filter.

Fig. 2.289. Installation of an oil filter

Establish an oil filter, using special adaptation and observing the specified moment of an inhaling (fig. 2.289).
Inhaling moment: 11,7–15,7 N · m.
Fill in the required amount of engine oil.
Start the engine and be convinced of lack of leak of oil.
If oil leak takes place, find out the reason and repair or replace the corresponding element.
Check oil level.
Establish the lower cover.