d22f196b Removal

Uncover the rechargeable battery.
Disconnect a negative wire from the rechargeable battery.
Remove the lower cover.
Uncover the socket and the PCM block socket.
Uncover the air filter and take out the filtering element.
Remove the case of the air filter.
Uncover an air duct of system of an admission and an air duct.
Disconnect an air hose.
Remove the electromagnetic valve of a purge.
Merge cooling liquid from the engine.
Remove a throttle branch pipe.
Disconnect a tube of recirculation of the fulfilled gases (from an inlet collector).
Disconnect a hose of cooling liquid of the engine from a pipe of cooling liquid of the engine.

Fig. 2.310. Arm of fastening of a cable of an accelerator

Remove an accelerator cable arm from an inlet collector (fig. 2.310).
Remove an inlet collector.