8.3.1. Removal of a windshield

Disconnect a negative wire from the rechargeable battery.
Remove the following elements:
– the windshield screen wiper lever with a brush;
– front guard lattice;
– rear-view mirror;
– the rain sensor (Cars with automatic system of cleaning of a windshield);
– overlay of a forward rack;
– antisolar peak;
– mate lamp.
Take aside a roof upholstery.
Apply a protective tape on edge of the case.
Apply a protective tape on the dashboard to exclude its damage.

Fig. 8.38. Lines of a cut of a sealant of a windshield

Cut off a windshield fringing ledge the razor (fig. 8.38).

Cars with automatic system of cleaning of a windshield have the sensor which is built in a windshield. If the sensor fails, it has to be replaced together with a windshield. After initial setup of the sensor of a rain it cannot be used with other sensor of automatic system of cleaning of a windshield therefore the rain sensor also has to be replaced with new.

Reuse of a windshield
Remove a basis.

Fig. 8.39. Lines of a cut of a sealant of a windshield

Cut off a sealant on glass perimeter, using a stripper of a sealant (fig. 8.39).
Extend a sealant.
Remove a windshield.
Reuse of a windshield

Before removal of a windshield mark the provision of glass a tape naleivaniye on a windshield and panels of a body.

Fig. 8.40. An opening in a sealant

Pricker make an opening in a sealant working from interior of the car (fig. 8.40).

Fig. 8.41. Installation of a string

Pass the special device (string) through an opening, having cut off it to the necessary length (fig. 8.41).
Wind the ends of special adaptation (string) around cores.

Cut a sealant working with adaptation as a saw, the string has to work on all length to prevent its break owing to a local overheat.

Fig. 8.42. Cutting of a sealant

Holding one end of special adaptation (string) and extending another, cut off a sealant on windshield perimeter.

As the top part of a pin is pasted to a sealant, cut off it special adaptation (string).

Cut out pins.
Remove a windshield.
Mark provisions of pins and remove pins from a windshield.
Remove a windshield fringing.