8.3.5. Dismantling and assembly of an external mirror with the electric drive

Fig. 8.51. Dismantling of a rear-view mirror with the electric drive

Press on area A of a mirror so that the area B moved to you (fig. 8.51).
Insert the screw-driver into a groove and take out glass from the mirror basis.

Fig. 8.52. Components of a rear-view mirror: 1 – glass of an external mirror; 2 – socket; 3 – cover; 4 – holder of an external mirror

Remove other components in the order shown in the figure 8.52.

Fig. 8.53. Dismantling of the case of a mirror

Unbend an ear of the holder of a mirror the screw-driver, press the holder's ear down and disassemble the case (fig. 8.53).

Fig. 8.54. Installation of a mirror in the case

Press a mirror into the case so that the pin was not displaced (fig. 8.54).
Finally collect as it should be, the return to dismantling.