8.3.2. Installation of a windshield

The windshield can be established incorrectly if the sealant has damages or glass is pushed out by air pressure during opening and closing of doors at the lifted lowering glasses. Before the termination of an ustanvka of a windshield leave all windows open.

Fig. 8.43. Removal of the remains of an old sealant

Cut off an old sealant the razor so that thickness of the remained sealant layer on perimeter of a frame made 1-2 mm (fig. 8.43).
If the sealant in any place completely separated from a body, apply on this place after degreasing a quantity of primer and let's it dry up in an iyecheniye about 30 min. After that put a layer of a sealant 2 mm thick.
Clear and degrease a strip about 50 mm wide on perimeter of a windshield and contact surface on a body.
At installation of a reusable windshield, perform the following procedure:

Fig. 8.44. Installation of pins

Attach pins in the places marked at removal (fig. 8.44).
Establish a windshield fringing.
Apply primer for glass on glass and primer for a body on a body and a fringing, let's primer dry up within about 30 min.

Fig. 8.45. General scheme of installation of glass

Do not allow hit on the contact surfaces of dirt and jellied lubricant, do not concern contact surfaces. Otherwise, primer will not have sufficient adhesion to the surfaces of glass and a body that can lead to a leak.

Fig. 8.46. The scheme of putting sealant on the surface of glass

Apply sealant on the surface of glass, as shown in the figure 8.46.
Insert pins into a body, then establish a windshield.
Press on windshield pins that they entered uvulas on a body.

Fig. 8.47. Ledge gap size

Create pressure on glass perimeter so that the size of a gap of a ledge of a fringing of glass met standard (fig. 8.47).
Install components as it should be, the return to removal
Let's sealant be polymerized completely.
Time of full polymerization of sealant: 24 h.