d22f196b Return of backs of a back seat to vertical position

1. Take aside straps of seat belts.
2. Lift back sections in vertical position.
3. Always check that the strap of a belt was not clamped under a back of a back seat.
4. Pull from interior of the car for the upper edge of backs of a back seat to be convinced of reliable fixing of backs.
5. Fasten the diagonal and zone seat belt established on the central place of a back seat. Check correctness of an arrangement of straps of all seat belts established on a back seat.

Fig. 1.123. Indicator of fixing of the correct installation of a back of a back seat

After return of a back to vertical position be convinced that the red indicator is not visible. If sections of a back of a back seat are not returned completely in vertical position and are unrecorded, – it constitutes danger. At emergency brake application or sharp maneuvering of the car the back of a back seat can fall unexpectedly forward and injure the passenger. If over the button of a clamp the red indicator is visible, the back of a back seat means it is not recorded in vertical position (fig. 1.123).