1.1.12. Seats

Adjustment of longitudinal provision of seats
Adjustment of an inclination of a seatback
Adjustment of a driver's seat on height
Adjustment of a lumbar support (driver's seat)
Adjustment of head restraints
Electroheating of seats
Folding of a back of a back seat
Return of backs of a back seat to vertical position
Clamp of a back of a back seat (cars with a body "sedan")
Adjustment of head restraints of back seats on height
Installation of a head restraint into the central passenger seat on back sitting

During the movement of the car of a seatback of all passengers have to be in vertical position, and passengers have to sit conveniently, having leaned back on backs and having fastened by seat belts.
Adjust the driver's seat so that there was a convenient access to pedals, a steering wheel and controls of the dashboard.