d22f196b Installation of the children's holding devices with standard fastening of ISOFIX

Your Mazda car is equipped with standard fixing brackets of ISOFIX which are intended for installation of the original children's holding Mazda device on extreme places of a back seat.

Fig. 1.141. Border of a zone of shift of a passenger seat

1. Remove a front passenger seat in extreme back situation. Then move a seat forward, not less than on 100 mm that it appeared in the middle of the range of longitudinal adjustment. Thus room will be made for installation of the children's holding device (fig. 1.141).
2. Be convinced of reliable fixing of a seatback. For this purpose press a seatback before operation of a clamp back.

Fig. 1.142. Fixing brackets of ISOFIX

3. Slightly move apart a crack between a pillow and a seatback to provide access to fixing brackets of ISOFIX (fig. 1.142).

The marking located on seatbacks indicates an arrangement of fixing brackets of ISOFIX intended for installation of the children's holding devices.

Fix the children's holding device to ISOFIX brackets, following instructions of the manufacturer of a concrete product.
If the children's holding device is equipped with the top fixing strap, for ensuring passive safety of the child it is very important to fix it correctly. Establishing the top strap, strictly follow instructions of the manufacturer of the children's holding device.