d22f196b Safety of children

The Mazda company strongly recommends to use in transit in the car of juvenile children the special holding devices ensuring passive safety of children.
We advise to use the original children's holding devices of the Mazda brand or similar products conforming to requirements of the European Rules ECE R44. If you wish to buy the original children's holding Mazda device, address the official dealer of Mazda.
Specify requirements of the rules existing in your country which concern safety of juvenile children in transit them in the car.
Irrespective of brand of the holding device used children's it has to correspond to age and growth of the child. At installation and operation of the children's holding device observe requirements of the existing rules and follow all instructions of the manufacturer which are attached to a concrete product. If the child outgrew the children's holding device, he has to accommodate on back sitting and to be fastened by a seat belt.
The children's holding devices establish on back sitting as statistical data confirm that it is the safest place for accommodation of children aged up to 12 years.
Especially it belongs to the cars equipped with safety cushions. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to install on a front passenger seat the children's holding devices in which the child is focused by the person back if safety cushions of the forward passenger are not disconnected. The front passenger seat is the least suitable place and for installation of other types of the children's holding devices. On some options of execution of the car the switch intended for shutdown of safety cushions of the forward passenger is provided.