1.3.5. Protivobuksovochny system (TCS)

The Protivobuksovochny system (PBS) promotes increase in traction properties of the car and traffic safety due to regulation of the torque developed by the engine, and snubbing of the slipping wheel. If the PBS system finds pro-slipping of a driving wheel, it gives the command for reduction of torque of the engine and includes the corresponding wheel brake. It prevents failure of a wheel in slipping and decrease in force of adhesion with a paving.
Thus on a slippery covering supply of fuel in the engine is automatically regulated, and the torque of optimum size which excludes intensive slipping of wheels and decrease in force of adhesion of wheels with a basic surface is brought to wheels.

To disconnect the PBS system, press the DSC OFF switch.

Indicator operation/signalling device of malfunction of protivobuksovochny and antistrange systems.
The indicator lights up for several seconds after turn of the switch of ignition in the provision of "ON" (ignition is included). The signaling device blinks at operation of protivobuksovochny system (PBS) or antistrange system (CCD).
If the signaling device continues to burn, normal functioning of the PBS and CCD systems is perhaps broken.

The blinking of a signaling device can be followed by quiet characteristic noise, and proceeding from a motor compartment. It demonstrates normal work of protivobuksovochny system. At the movement of the car on a slippery paving, for example on new-fallen snow, the engine will not be able to develop high turns if the PBS system is included.