1.3.4. System of course stability of the car (cruise control)

Inclusion/switching off control cruise
Parameter setting of the stabilized speed
Increase in the stabilized speed
Decrease in the stabilized speed
Switching off of system cruise control

The system allows to establish a cruise control and to automatically support the constant speed of the movement of the car (but not less than 30 km/h).

Use of system a cruise control in the listed below conditions constitutes danger and can lead to loss of control over the car.
At the movement in the hilly area.
At movement along roads with abrupt longitudinal biases.
At heavy or unstable traffic.
On roads with a slippery covering or on twisting roads.
Other similar conditions in which it is impossible to move with a constant speed.

The inclusion indicator a cruise control (yellow) / the Indicator of a task of the stabilized speed (green)
This indicator can burn with yellow or green light.
The indicator burns with yellow light when pressing the main ON/OFF switch of system a cruise control. The burning indicator demonstrates that the system a cruise control is included.