1.3.8. Traction coupling device

Recommendations about towage of the trailer

Use the traction coupling device of the corresponding design to towage of the trailer. It is recommended to install the original Mazda traction coupling device on the car. For installation of the device use ready openings under the bolts provided by manufacturer. to obtain more detailed information, address the official dealer of Mazda.

Fig. 1.157. An arrangement of fixing openings for installation of the traction coupling device

Before towage of the trailer check air pressure in all tires which has to correspond to the recommended values. See the plate with the recommended air pressure in tires. The values specified in the plate correspond to tires in a cold state. Dimension, an index of loading capacity of tires, and also air pressure in tires on the trailer have to meet the factory specification of the trailer.

For cars with a body "sedan":
– cars with a rear bumper "SPORT" are not intended for towage of the trailer (fig. 1.158).

Fig. 1.158. The cars equipped with a rear bumper "SPORT"