d22f196b Replacement of cooling liquid of the engine

Fig. 2.211. Radiator components: 1 – broad tank; 2 – radiator; 3 – hoses; 4 – stopper of a jellied mouth of a radiator; 5 – drain stopper of a radiator

Remove a drain stopper of a radiator. (see fig. 2.211)
Merge cooling liquid in a container.
Wash out the cooling system water.
Wait for full discharge of liquid from system.
Tighten a drain stopper of a radiator.
Fill a tank with cooling liquid to FULL tag.
Completely establish a radiator stopper.
Start the engine and leave it to idle before turning on of the fan of the cooling system.
After the engine heats up, execute the following:
1. Let's the engine work for 2500 min.-1 within 5 min.
2. Let's the engine work for 3000 min.-1 during 5 with, and then leave it to idle.
3. Repeat the first two actions several times.
4. Let's the engine work idling within 1 min.
Stop the engine and let's it cool down.
Remove a radiator stopper.
Check the level of cooling liquid. If level low, add cooling liquid.
Establish a radiator stopper.
Be convinced of lack of leak of cooling liquid.
If liquid leaks, repair or replace a stopper of a radiator or a radiator.