d22f196b Check of a radiator

Check whether the radiator got littered with dirt. If necessary clean a radiator as it is described below:
Do not bend and do not damage radiator plates.
When cleaning a radiator without removal from the car remove all adjacent parts: the cooling fan, a casing of a radiator and horns. In order to avoid hit of water wind a plait and sockets with a protective tape.
Water a radiator core from a reverse side from a hose vertically down.
Again water all surface of a core of a radiator (once in a minute).
Stop watering if from a radiator dirty water does not flow down any more.

Fig. 2.214. Radiator purge: 1 – pump; 2 – radiator cover

Blow a radiator core air from a reverse side vertically down (fig. 2.214).
Give compressed air with pressure lower than 113-142 kr (1,1–1,4 kg/cm2) and at distance more than 30 cm.
Again blow air all surface of a core of a radiator (once in a minute), water will not cease to flow down yet.