d22f196b Installation

You apply silicone sealant without gaps on all perimeter.
Install the oil pallet in 5 min. after putting kremniyevoorganichesky sealant.

Fig. 2.292. Installation of bolts of the oil pallet

Use of bolts from the remains of sealing material can lead to formation of cracks in the case (fig. 2.292).
Completely clear and remove oil, dirt, the remains of sealing material or other impurity which can remain on the case and the oil pallet.
At reuse of bolts of fastening of the oil pallet remove the remains of an old sealant from bolts.

Fig. 2.293. Places of putting sealant on an edge of the oil pallet

Apply kremniyorganichesky sealant in the places shown in the drawing (fig. 2.293).
Sealant roller thickness: 2,0–6,0 mm

Fig. 2.294. Order of tightening of bolts of fastening of the oil pallet

Tighten fastening bolts in that order (fig. 2.294).
Inhaling moment: 7,8–10,8 N · m.
Add engine oil.
Start the engine and be convinced of lack of leak of oil.
If oil leak takes place, find out the reason and repair or replace the corresponding element.
Check oil level.
Establish the lower cover.