d22f196b Work of an automatic control system of a microclimate

1. Press the AUTO switch (the automatic mode). At the same time the choice of the mode of distribution of air, switching of the modes of ventilation and regulation of frequency of rotation of the fan will be automatically carried out.
2. By means of the regulator establish desirable air temperature in salon. to switch off system of climate control, press the OFF switch (to switch off).
The most comfortable conditions in interior of the car, it is possible to provide, having set temperature of 22 °C. If necessary correct a preset value of air temperature. Installation of the maximum or minimum value of temperature does not reduce time of achievement of desirable temperature in interior of the car. If the car engine cold, during the work of a heater air supply in salon is temporarily limited until air heating conditions are provided. It is provided to exclude receipt in salon of cold air through ventilating grates and nozzles.