d22f196b General recommendations about operation of the conditioner

Clear of snow and ice of a brush of a screen wiper and the air reception lattice located before the lower edge of a windshield. It will increase overall performance of system of heating.
At a low temperature of air and not heated-up engine air can not come to salon through the lower air ducts during 150 about (maximum). It is not a malfunction sign. After sufficient warming up of the engine normal supply of warm air through the lower air vents will begin.
During the operation of the conditioner of air you hold all windows and the ventilating hatch closed.
After the parking of the car in the sun move within two-three minutes with open windows quickly to remove hot air from salon. Then close windows that the conditioner could cool quicker air in salon.
The conditioner of air has to turn on at least once in a month and work about 10 min. It will prevent failure of the conditioner due to the lack of lubricant.
If the arrow of the index of temperature of cooling liquid reached a tag of "Hot" (high temperature), switch off the air conditioner.
At substantial increase of temperature of cooling liquid the conditioner of air will be switched off automatically. It can happen, for example, during the long operation of the engine idling in hot day.