d22f196b Recommendations about towage of the trailer

– Check that at a hitch with the loaded or empty trailer the body of the car remained approximately in horizontal position. It is forbidden to operate the road train if the body of the car is strongly inclined forward or back. Check the size of vertical load of the traction coupling device and working order of details of a suspension bracket. Make sure that the trailer is not overloaded.
– Check reliability of fixing of freights in the trailer to exclude a possibility of their shift.
– Make sure that rear-view mirrors conform to all requirements of the existing rules. Check serviceability and installation of rear-view mirrors.
– Before a trip check correct functioning of all devices of external lighting and the light alarm system installed on the car and the trailer. Check the traction coupling device, safety chains, electric sockets and other connections between the car and the trailer. Having passed small distance, stop and double-check serviceability of operation of all devices of external lighting and the light alarm system, and also all connecting knots between the car and the trailer.
– Remember that maneuverability of the road train differs from maneuverability of the car without trailer therefore carry out turns, move a backing and stop on sections of roads, free from transport.
– You do not hurry, at first accustom and get used to the increased mass and length of the road train.
– At towage of the trailer it is forbidden to exceed the speed of the movement of 100 km/h. If Traffic regulations set more strict restrictions, it is necessary to follow them.