d22f196b Launch of the engine by means of an auxiliary key with the wearable card "Advanced Key"

The wearable card "Advanced Key" has to be at the driver as the electronic chip of an immobilizer which at a short distance exchanges the coded signals with the control unit of the engine is built in it.

Fig. 1.149. Installation of the handle of an auxiliary key on the ignition lock

Before turning the handle of the switch of ignition and to include a starter for launch of the engine, check that the handle was reliably fixed on the switch. If the handle was removed from the ignition switch, fix it again. For this purpose put on the handle on the holder of the switch and press it (fig. 1.149).
1. Make sure that the wearable card "Advanced Key" is at you.
2. The driver and all passengers who are in the car have to fasten the corresponding seat belts.
3. Check that the parking brake was switched on.
4. Press a brake pedal.
5. If you have a car with the mechanical transmission, completely press a pedal of coupling and transfer the gear shifting lever to neutral situation. Hold a coupling pedal in completely pressed situation in operating time of a starter.
If you have a car with automatic transmission, transfer the lever of the switch of ranges to situation "P" (parking). If it is necessary to start the engine on the run of the car, transfer the lever of the switch of ranges to situation "N" (neutral).

Fig. 1.150. Pressing the ignition switch handle

6. Slowly press the handle of the switch of ignition and drown it against the stop (fig. 1.150).
7. Check that on the dashboard the green KEY indicator (key) lit up. The burning red signaling device of "KEY" indicates impossibility of launch of the engine.

The red signaling device of "KEY" burns in the following cases (at the same time the engine will not be started):
– the battery of the wearable card "Advanced Key" is discharged;
– the wearable card "Advanced Key" is outside a system area of coverage;
– the wearable card "Advanced Key" is in a zone where the system cannot find a signal;
– in an area of coverage of system there is a key of other brand which is similar to the wearable card "Advanced Key".

Fig. 1.151. Turning of the auxiliary ignition key

8. Having pressed and having drowned the ignition switch handle, turn the ignition switch in the provision of "ASS" (auxiliary consumers of the electric power) (fig. 1.151).
9. Turn the ignition switch from the provision of "ASS" in situation "START" (starter) and hold the handle in this situation before launch of the engine (but not longer 10 c). If the engine was not started at once, then it is not necessary to switch off a starter before 10 pages. It can complicate launch of the engine at a low temperature of air.
10. After start-up let's the engine work idling about 10 pages.