d22f196b Switching off of operation of the engine by means of an auxiliary key

1. Transfer the lever of the switch of ranges to situation "P" (parking) (on the car with automatic transmission).
2. Turn the ignition switch from the provision of "ON" (ignition is included) in the provision of "ASS" (auxiliary consumers of the electric power).

If the battery of the wearable card "Advanced Key" is discharged, then after a stop of the engine and turn of the switch of ignition from the provision of "ASS" in the provision of "LOCK" (blocking) the green KEY indicator located on the dashboard will blink approximately during 30 pages. Replace the discharged battery of the wearable card.

Press and drown the ignition switch handle which is in the provision of "ASS" (auxiliary consumers of the electric power) then turn it in the provision of "LOCK" (blocking).

Leaving the car on the parking, check that the switch of ignition was turned in a provision of "LOCK" (blocking).