d22f196b Increase in the stabilized speed

You can increase value of the stabilized car speed in two ways.
Press and hold the button of the RES/ACCEL switch. At the same time the car will accelerate. Release the switch button on reaching the required speed.
The system a cruise control installed on your car performs function of step increase in speed of the movement. By each short pressing the button of the RES/ACCEL switch the current speed of the car increases by 1,6 km/h. Several consecutive pressing the switch lead to increase in speed at the corresponding size, multiple to the number of pressing.
Accelerate the car to the required speed. Press and quickly release the button of the SET/COAST switch.

If at the included system a cruise control it is necessary to increase temporarily the speed of the movement, press a pedal of an accelerator and accelerate the car. Higher speed of the movement will not lead to change of previously preset value of the stabilized speed. to return to previously set speed, release an accelerator pedal.