2.2.6. Removal of sealant

Fig. 2.87. Removal of old sealant

After extraction of assembly bolts and nuts, use the suitable tool for removal of sealant (fig. 2.87).

Try not to damage a detail surface.

Delete sealant as it is possible more carefully from surfaces, deepenings and from openings of assembly bolts by means of the suitable tool, for example, of a scraper. If it is necessary, heat a surface a little and remove particles of the dried-up sealant by means of a piece of matter moistened with gasoline.

Fig. 2.88. Laying of new sealant

Having finished operations put new sealant (fig. 2.88).
Try to use company sealant or its equivalent.
After laying of new sealant wait 5 min. and establish the interfaced detail. Remove surplus of sealant with matter piece.
Tighten assembly bolts.