d22f196b Piston

Pistons are made of heat-resistant and high-heat-conducting aluminum alloy, the skirt of the piston is covered with graphite for friction reduction.

Fig. 2.16. Piston: 1 – the piston – a side view; 2 – axis shift; 3 – outer diameter; 4 – the piston – the top view; 5 – marking; 6 – forward part of the engine; 7 – dredging under valves

For reduction of noise pistons with the displaced opening ispolzutsya. Pistons and rods can be diconnected only by method of hot landing. For prevention of the wrong assembly of the piston marking is applied on it (to). The piston is installed so that the arrow of marking was turned to a forward part of the engine (fig. 2.16).

The piston of L3 engines has a pro-point under valves.