d22f196b The valve, a valvate spring, a maslootrazhatelny cap, the directing valve plug

Fig. 2.27. Valve components: 1 – valve cracker; 2 – top plate of a valve spring; 3 – valvate spring; 4 – maslootrazhatelny kopachok; 5 – the directing valve plug; 6 – valve

Valves are manufactured of heat resisting steel. Each cylinder has two inlet and two final valves. Inlet and final valves have the nitridden surfaces for increase in resistance to attrition. A valvate spring – variable outer diameter. characteristics of a spring are improved due to reduction of the size of the top saddle. The directing plug of the valve is manufactured of the alloyed alloy for increase in resistance to attrition. The saddle of the valve is combined with the lower saddle of a valvate spring to simplify knot and to improve its maintainability (fig. 2.27).