d22f196b Head of the block of cylinders

Fig. 2.4. Head of the block of cylinders: 1 – bolt of fastening of a head of the cylinder; 2 – party of release; 3 – party of an admission; 4 – forward part of the engine; 5 – a corner between two valves; 6 – inlet channel; 7 – inlet channel

The head of the block of cylinders tempered, is made of light aluminum alloy and has very high heat conductivity. The head is supplied with new compact cameras of combustion of a maple form. The Klinovy form promotes high detonation resistance and increases fuel profitability of the engine. Spark plugs are established in the top part of combustion chambers for improvement of efficiency of combustion. Channels of admission/release are located cross (a corner between valves - 39 °, in each cylinder – two inlet and two final valves) thanks to what big efficiency of an admission and release is reached. Bolts of fastening of a head of cylinders have the inhaling moment in a plasticity zone, the inhaling is carried out in five receptions. It provides stability of an axis of a bolt at an inhaling (fig. 2.4).