d22f196b Rod and conrod bearing

Fig. 2.18. Rod and conrod bearing: 1 – expansion; 2 – rod; 3 – surface of the socket; 4 – rod cover; 5 – rod bearing

The rod is made of the structured tempered alloy for rigidity improvement. The usual adjusting spline of the conrod bearing is not used. At installation of the bearing measure position of the bearing and establish it so that it was located on the center of a rod and cover of the conrod bearing. The lower head and a cover of a rod at production are created as a uniform element, and then divided into a rod and a cover. For combination of a rod and a cover use a configuration of a surface of the socket. The conrod bolt has the inhaling moment in a plasticity zone, the inhaling is carried out in two steps. The top insert of the conrod bearing is made of aluminum alloy (fig. 2.18).

There are three types of inserts of conrod bearings depending on the required gap.

Fig. 2.19. Contour of a belt of the drive of auxiliary units: 1 – pulley of the pump of the hydraulic booster; 2 – driving belt; 3 – tension pulley; 4 – generator pulley; 5 – automatic natyazhitel; 6 – pulley of a bent shaft; 7 – pulley of the compressor of the air conditioning system; 8 – pulley of the pump of cooling liquid

In system of the drive of auxiliary units one poliklinovy driving belt is used. It reduces length of the engine and facilitates service of a contour. For a tension of a belt the automatic natyazhitel with a cylindrical spring is used. The pulley of a natyazhitel automatically supports a tension of a driving belt (2.19).