d22f196b Block of cylinders

Technological feature of the new block of cylinders is that it is cast from aluminum alloy with the pig-iron sleeves of cylinders established in the case. It improves heat removal and reduces its weight. Sleeves of cylinders – thin-walled, thus, boring is not possible. Besides, as it was already told, the block of cylinders is supplied with a long skirt of the piston and the integrated cover of radical bearings. The water shirt of the block of cylinders – the closed type that increases a zheskost and promotes reduction of vibration and noise. The cover of an oil separator of the block of cylinders is located on the opposite side of an air inlet. The valve of ventilation of a case and an oil separator with an adapter for installation of the valve of ventilation improve efficiency of ventilation of crankcase gases.

Fig. 2.6. Block of cylinders: 1 – oil separator cover; 2 – PCV valve; 3 – cover of the radical bearing; 4 – oil separator cover flange; 5 – block of cylinders

On the new block of cylinders adjusting splines of bearings of radical necks are not applied. Bolts of fastening of a head of cylinders have the inhaling moment in a plasticity zone, the inhaling is carried out in five receptions. It provides stability of an axis of a bolt at an inhaling (fig. 2.6).

Fig. 2.7. A technological opening for detection of provision of VMT of the first cylinder: 1 – block of cylinders; 2 – cylinder No. 1; 3 – technological opening; 4 – special adaptation; 5 – VMT of the first cylinder; 6 – piston of the first cylinder; 7 – counterbalance of a bent shaft

The technological opening for installation of the special adaptation used for detection of provision of VMT of the first cylinder settles down on the right side of the block of cylinders. The provision of VMT is determined by a contact of edge of special adaptation of the balance weight of the first cylinder (fig. 2.7).