d22f196b Assembly of the balancing block (L3 with the mechanism of change of phases of gas distribution)

Make sure that the gear wheel of the balancing block has no damages, be also convinced of smoothness of rotation of a shaft.

The balancing block is not subject to dismantling as has high precision of production.

Turn a bent shaft clockwise and install the piston of the first cylinder in the provision of VMT.
Establish adjusting laying on the landing surface of the balancing block.

Fig. 2.177. Tags of the balancing block

Install the balancing block on the block of cylinders, previously having established tags of the balancing block from above in the center (fig. 2.177).

Fig. 2.178. Rotation of a balansirovchny shaft by means of the screw-driver

Insert the screw-driver into a bent shaft in the field of the first counterbalance, carry out rotation and application of axial effort to the crankshaft the screw-driver, working with it as the lever, as shown in the figure 2.178.

Fig. 2.179. Measurement of a gap in gear gearing of a shaft of the conducted gear wheel

Install special adaptation, as shown in the figure 2.179, then measure a gap in gear gearing, using the indicator of hour type.
If the gap exceeds the specified size, again measure it and, using the table of the choice of adjusting laying, choose the corresponding laying, according to the following procedure.

At measurement of a gap turn a bent shaft on one whole revolution and check compliance of a gap to norm in the following six provisions: 10 °, 30 °, 100 °, 190 °, 210 °, 280 ° after VMT.

Gap size in gear gearing: 0,005–0,101 mm.
Using the main adjusting laying (number 50), install the balancing block on the block of cylinders, and then measure a gap.
Choose adjusting laying according to result of measurements.
Install the chosen adjusting laying on the balancing block, then install the balancing block on the block of cylinders.