d22f196b Locking and unlocking of locks key

Leaving the car on the parking, always take away children and pets with yourself or leave them under supervision of the adult responsible person. It is dangerous to leave in the car on the parking of juvenile children or pets without supervision. In hot weather temperature in the closed car increases so that it can lead to heatstroke or even death of the children who are in interior of the car or animals. Do not leave keys in the car if in salon there are juvenile children. You keep keys from the car in the places inaccessible for children. Do not allow children to play with keys from the car. Casual and careless actions of children can lead to the fact that the car will move out from the place.

Fig. 1.22. Locking and unlocking of the lock of a driver's door

The lock of a driver's door can be locked and unlocked by means of a key. To unlock or lock the lock, turn a key respectively against or clockwise (fig. 1.22).
If on your car in a forward right door the lock cylinder is installed, this door can also be unlocked and locked by means of a key.