d22f196b The hatch on a roof

Fig. 1.41. Working components of the hatch on a roof: 1 – command keys hatch; 2 – deflector; 3 – hatch; 4 – the directing rails of opening of the hatch; 5 – electric motor

Fig. 1.42. Upraleniye buttons the hatch on a roof: And – the switch of longitudinal movement of a cover of the hatch; In – the switch of podjma-lowering of a cover of the hatch

The electric drive of the ventilating hatch in a roof can function, only if the switch of ignition is in the provision of "ON" (ignition is included) (fig. 1.42).

Do not allow passengers to rise or put out on the run of the car in the hatch of a part of a body or any objects. Before closing the ventilating hatch, be convinced that the aperture of the hatch is free and none of passengers will be able to jam a part of the body. Imprudent closing of the ventilating hatch can constitute danger.

After a wash of the car or after a rain remove water from a cover of the ventilating hatch before opening it. It is necessary to prevent hit of water in salon which can cause corrosion of a body and damage of an upholstery of a ceiling.