d22f196b Wearable card "Advanced Key"

The system of access to the car and launch of the engine without key provides a possibility of performance of the following operations (at the same time you have to have a wearable card "Advanced Key" at yourself):
– locking / unlocking of doors and a cover of a luggage carrier / a back lifting door, and also opening of a trunk lid without use of a key;
– launch of the engine of the car without use of a key.
The wearable card "Advanced Key" allows to perform in addition some functions inaccessible for system of remote control of the central lock. Operations which can remotely be carried out by means of the remote control which is built in the wearable card (with use of the buttons "Lock" / "Unlock" / "Trunk lid"):
– locking/unlocking of doors and cover of a luggage carrier / back lifting door;
– opening of a trunk lid;
– opening / closing of door windows (with power windows);

Fig. 1.15. Appearance of the wearable card "Advanced Key": 1 – indicator; 2 – unlocking button; 3 – locking button; 4 – button of unlocking of a trunk lid (sedan); 5 – auxiliary key

– locking / unlocking of doors and a trunk lid, opening of a trunk lid and launch of the engine by means of an auxiliary key.

It is not necessary to leave a key in the car if you left the car. Do not leave keys in the car if in salon there are juvenile children. You keep keys from the car in the places inaccessible for children. The radio waves radiated by the wearable card "Advanced Key" can break normal operation of various medical devices, for example, of pacemakers. Therefore surely consult at the representative of manufacturer of the medical equipment or at the attending physician concerning safety of use of the wearable card "Advanced Key" in close proximity to the people using similar medical devices.

As in the wearable card "Advanced Key" the low-power radio transmitter is used, in some conditions which are listed below normal functioning of the card can be broken.
– The wearable card "Advanced Key" is near mobile communication devices (for example, with the cell phone).
– The wearable card "Advanced Key" concerns or is closed by a metal subject.
– The wearable card "Advanced Key" is near the electronic equipment, for example about the personal computer.
– The car is equipped with the electronic equipment which is not the original product Mazda.
– About the car there is a radio radiating device.
The wearable card "Advanced Key" can consume more electric energy from a battery if it accepts a powerful radio emission. Therefore do not place the wearable card about electronic devices, such as TVs or personal computers.
In order to avoid damage of the wearable card "Advanced Key" it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:
– do not drop and do not throw the card;
– do not subject the card to moisture influence;
– do not disassemble the card;
– do not subject the card to influence of high temperature and direct sunshine, do not put the card on the control panel or on a car cowl where it can strongly heat up;
– do not put heavy objects on the card;
– do not place the card in the device for ultrasonic cleaning;
– do not place the card near any magnetized objects.
Service life of a battery makes about one year. Replace a battery if the signaling device of "KEY" (green color) located on the dashboard blinks. Additional wearable cards can be acquired at the service station of official
dealer of Mazda. On one car it is possible to use at the same time up to 6 wearable cards "Advanced Key".