d22f196b Maintenance of the remote control

If the system does not react to pressing of buttons on the remote control and the built-in indicator does not light up, – the panel battery was perhaps discharged. Replace a battery to restore operability of the panel.
Insert a battery into the panel so that marking of a positive pole (+) it was turned down. At the wrong installation of a battery it is possible to flow electrolyte. When replacing a battery be careful not to bend electric contacts and to save from pollution by oil. You watch that dirt did not get to the case of the remote control. It can put the panel out of action. If replacement is made incorrectly, there is a danger of explosion of a battery. When replacing use only CR1620 batteries or completely equivalent to them. At utilization of the served batteries follow the following rules:
– isolate positive and negative poles of a battery by means of cellophane or an insulating tape;
– do not sort batteries;
– do not throw batteries into fire or into water;
– do not deform and do not break batteries.