d22f196b Hatch and cover of a filling mouth of the fuel tank

Opening a filling mouth of the fuel tank, at first turn off a cover a little and wait, the exit of vapors of fuel accompanied with the characteristic hissing sound will not stop yet. Then completely turn off and uncover. Splashes of fuel can be splashed out from a filling mouth if in the fuel tank there is excessive pressure and the cover of a jellied gorlivina turns away and removed too quickly. Before gas station of the fuel tank kill the engine and always you watch that near a filling mouth there were no sources of sparking and an open flame. Vapors of fuel can easily ignite from sparks or an open flame that can lead to heavy burns and injuries. Besides, use of a cover of the fuel tank which is not intended for your car or lack of a cover on a mouth of a tank can become the reason of a leak or slopping of fuel and to lead to heavy burns or death of people in case of the road accident.

Fig. 1.46. Handle of remote unlocking of the hatch

To open the hatch of the fuel tank, pull for the handle of remote unlocking of the lock (fig. 1.46) up.

Fig. 1.47. Cover of a filling mouth of the fuel tank

To uncover, turn off it, rotating counterclockwise. Closing a mouth of the fuel tank, wrap a cover, rotating it clockwise, before click (fig. 1.47).