d22f196b Replacement of brushes of screenwash

Pollution of a windshield and edges of brushes of a screen wiper various substances reduces quality of purification of glass. Treat similar pollution, for example insects, the juice emitted by leaves of trees and also polishes which apply in a hot state on a car body on some automobile sinks.
If brushes badly purify glasses, wash out glass and edges of brushes an effective cleaner or soft detergent, then carefully rinse them clear water. If necessary repeat processing of glass and brushes. Bad work of a screen wiper can be caused by wear or cracks of edges of brushes. Replace worn-out edges or brushes.
1. Lift the lever of a screen wiper and turn a brush concerning the hinge so that to open access to a plastic pad of a clamp.

Fig. 1.182. Scheme of replacement of brushes of screenwash

Shift a brush down (on an arrow, as shown in the figure 1.182). Then remove a brush from the screen wiper lever.
2. Unbend the end of a rubber edge down and extend it from the holder.
3. Take out spring edges from a rubber edge and implant them into a new edge of a brush.
4. Carefully insert a new rubber edge. Then install a brush assembled on the screen wiper lever, working in the return sequence.

Do not bend and do not throw out spring edges. They are subject to reuse. If not to establish spring edges in an edge, quality of purification of glass will worsen.
It is forbidden to use the spring edges removed from the left brush of a screen wiper for installation in the right brush and vice versa. Be convinced of installation of spring edges in a new edge of a brush of a screen wiper that the bend of an edge remained the same.