d22f196b Periodic shift of wheels

For more uniform wear of protectors of tires periodically (through each 10 000 km of a run) carry out shift of wheels. At the same time check their balancing and if necessary balance wheels.
The small-sized spare wheel is intended only for limited use and does not participate at shift of wheels.
Besides, visually check tires for uneven wear of a protector and existence of damages. Abnormal wear of tires usually is caused by one of the listed below reasons or their combination.
– The wrong pressure of air in tires.
– Violation of angles of installation of wheels.
– Violation of balancing of wheels.
– Intensive braking.

It is dangerous to operate the car with worn-out tires. Decrease in brake efficiency, deterioration in controllability of the car and coupling properties of tires can lead to the road accident.

At uniform wear of the tire on a protector wear indicators in the form of smooth cross strips appear. In this case replace tires.
Worn-out tires need to be replaced before the indicator of wear appears on all width of a protector.