d22f196b Check of level of working liquid of automatic transmission

It is regularly necessary to check the level of working liquid of automatic transmission. You carry out an inspection as follows.
The volume of working liquid changes depending on temperature. Check the level of working liquid during the operation of the engine idling and the normal temperature of liquid.

Insufficient level of working liquid causes slipping of frictional elements of automatic transmission. Too high level of liquid can cause intensive foaming, loss of working liquid and violation of normal functioning of automatic transmission.
Use only the recommended working liquid. Use of any unrecommended working liquid can lead to violation of normal functioning and failure of automatic transmission.

1. Install the car on the flat horizontal platform and turn on the parking brake.
2. Start the engine and press a brake pedal.
3. Serially transfer the lever of the switch of ranges to all provisions and then establish it in situation "P" (parking).

Fig. 1.175. Check of level of working liquid of automatic transmission

4. In operating time of the engine idling take out the control probe of automatic transmission and wipe it dry. Then insert the probe into place. Again take out the control probe. Normal level of working liquid corresponds to range between tags on the control probe, see the figure 1.175.