d22f196b Headlights with xenon lamps

For passing beam of headlights xenon lamps which provide a wide bunch of bright this world are used. If forward headlights blink or brightness of light decreased, - it demonstrates development of a resource of lamps. Replace the served xenon lamps with new.

It is impossible to replace xenon lamps independently. Independent replacement of xenon lamps in headlights constitutes danger. At maloperation with xenon lamps you can receive blow by electric current as for similar lamps high voltage is used.

Signaling device of not switched off external lighting.
If devices of external lighting are switched on and the switch of ignition is in the provision of "ASS" (auxiliary consumers of the electric power) either "LOCK" (blocking) or a key is taken out from the ignition lock, then when opening a driver's door the continuous sound signal will be distributed.