d22f196b A washer of back glass (cars with a body "hatch-back")

To include a washer of back glass, turn the switch handle in situation. The washer is switched off at a switch handle otpuskaniye. For inclusion of a washer of back glass two provisions of the handle of the switch are provided: top and lower. In the lower position of the switch the washer joins along with a cleaner of back glass.

Fig. 1.75. Operating mode of a washer of back glass

The washer of headlights can function only at the working engine and the included headlights. The washer of headlights automatically joins at every fifth inclusion of a washer of a windshield. If it is necessary to include a washer of headlights, press a control lever a screen wiper (fig. 1.75) twice.
If air (for example got to tubes of a washer of headlights, during the first filling of a washer reservoir on the new car or after gas station of an empty tank in use of the car), liquid will not move on lenses of headlights even at the pressed control lever. In this case execute the following:
– start the engine;
– include headlights;
– several times include a washer of headlights double pressing a control lever a screen wiper until liquid begins to move on lenses of headlights.