d22f196b Distant-near modes of switching of light of headlights

Fig. 1.65. Modes of switching of light of headlights

Press the lever in the direction from yourself to turn on driving beam of headlights. again to switch headlights to passing beam, press the lever to yourself and return it to a starting position (fig. 1.65).

Alarm system driving beam of headlights.

Fig. 1.66. Scheme of the alarm system driving beam of headlights

For the alarm system driving beam of headlights press the lever to yourself against the stop (fig. 1.66). The rotary handle of the central switch of lighting can be in any situation. Release the lever, and it will return to a starting position (at the same time driving beam of headlights will be turned off).

Proofreader of light of headlights.
The number of passengers in the car and the mass of the freight transported in the luggage compartment influences the direction of light bunches of headlights in the vertical plane.

Automatic proofreader of headlights.
The direction of light bunches is automatically corrected at inclusion of headlights.
Tame proofreader of headlights.

Fig. 1.67. Scheme of work of the proofreader of light of headlights

Makhovichok of the proofreader located on the control panel allows to adjust manually an inclination of optical axes of headlights (fig. 1.67).

Day dimensional lighting.
Day dimensional lighting joins automatically at turn of the switch of ignition in the provision of "ON" (ignition is included). The mode of day lighting is switched off at inclusion of dimensional lamps.